Music, Colour Honour Holy Day

April 16, 2007

Author: Kim Bolan

Source: Vancouver Sun

VANCOUVER - Twenty people in Hardeep Kaur Dhillon's family spent hours preparing curry and rice for some of the thousands of people who trekked past their home at 49th and Sophia Saturday.

It was the first time the family, who lives on the route of Vancouver's Vaisakhi parade, decided to cook for the masses.

Their white plastic tent was one of the most popular spots on the strip as tens of thousands waited for hours to see the colourful floats of the caravan organized by Vancouver's Khalsa Diwan Society.

As she filled Styrofoam cups with chai, Dhillon explained that Vaisakhi is important to Sikhs "because our Guru Gobind Singh Ji created the Khalsa today."

That was back in 1699 and it is when the first Sikhs were baptized and adopted symbols of the religion including unshorn hair, a steel bracelet and a kirpan, the ceremonial dagger.