Mumbai's Muslims Give Blood, Offer Shelter to Train Bombing Victims

July 12, 2006

Source: Yahoo! News

Wire Service: Reuters

On July 12, 2006 Reuters reported, "Muslims queued for hours on Wednesday to give blood to their Hindu neighbours wounded in the Mumbai train bombings, in a rare show of harmony in a city with a long history of rioting between the two communities. 'We don't care whether it's a Hindu or a Muslim who gets our blood as long as we can save them,' said Abdul Khan, one of dozens of Muslim men waiting in line at the blood bank at Siddarth Hospital, near one blast site at Jogeshwari station. Many see Tuesday's deadly strikes that killed more than 180 people and wounded more than 700 as the latest in a campaign of violence by Islamist militants fighting Indian rule in the disputed region of Kashmir. This has long fomented suspicions between Mumbai's Hindus and the minority Muslim population, and often triggered violent rioting. Mumbai, a metropolis of 17 million people, has been hit by a series of bomb blasts in the past one and half decades, the worst a series of explosions in 1993 that killed more than 260 people. Past attacks were usually blamed on Muslim groups trying to avenge Muslim deaths in widespread religious rioting after Hindu zealots demolished a 16th century mosque in northern India... Leaders of India's hardline Hindu Shiv Sena party said they had been overwhelmed by the Muslim response. 'Hindus and Muslims walked hand in hand yesterday,' said Manohar Kargaonkar, a Shiv Sena official. 'When you read a newspaper you always find that a Muslim terrorist is behind subversive activity. But these people have shown what brotherhood is.'"