Multifaith, Interfaith Responses to Terrorist Attacks (September)

September 13, 2001

Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

On September 13, 2001, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on an interfaith service that gathered Milwaukee's diverse religious communities, "Drawn by a common quest for healing, justice and peace..." Speakers included "mainline Christians, Jews, Muslims, a Sikh, a Buddhist, a Baha'i, a Hindu and a Quaker." The article quoted religious leaders in their prayers of peace and unity, including Rev. Tonen O'Connor of the Milwaukee Zen Center. "'The Buddha perceived, not that we could be one, but that we are one. In our essence, we are all the same, despite our differences in appearance, race, age, condition, ideology. The Buddha also knew that to live this oneness would take great compassion. So this is a Buddhist chant for a compassionate heart in the face of hatred and death.'"