Multi-Faith Panel Rounds Off Religion And Spirituality Week

February 6, 2009

Author: Neena Cherayil

Source: The Daily Gazette

As part of this year’s Religion and Spirituality Week, the Interfaith Center, along with IC group Multi, co-sponsored an interfaith student panel featuring stories from Swatties who grew up with multiple religious heritages. The event, spearheaded by Jasper Goldberg ‘12 and organized by Interfaith Interns Dina Emam ‘11 and Jane Abell ‘11, hoped to shed light on a rarely-discussed issue at Swarthmore.

The discussion had an intimate, personal feel with the audience sitting in a wide circle among the eight student panelists. Each student touched on their own personal experiences either with parents who practiced different religions or religions separate from their own. The resulting stories presented ranged from conflicted to enthusiastic to reflective to confused and all the in betweens, truly proving what a spectrum of experiences intersections of identity can create.