Multi-Faith Centre Opens at Brock University

September 28, 2004

Source: Brock Press

On September 28, 2004 the Brock Press reported, "The opening of the new Multi-Faith Centre (in the former Trillium Dining Room next to the Tower Cafeteria) is a positive sign for religious diversity at Brock [University]. The new Centre contains an 'Islamic Centre' housing prayer space for Muslim students as well as a 'Multi-Faith Room' for the use of student religious clubs. The new space takes pressure off the Rita Welch Meditation Centre so that it can be a place for individuals and groups to meditate, worship or pray, offering a place of spiritual quiet in the midst of the university. Rather than relegate faith to the purely private sphere, as might have been possible at Brock's founding 40 years ago, recent experience has moved to accommodating faith in all its diversity as part of the landscape of the university."