"Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet" to Air on PBS

December 9, 2002

Source: The Christian Science Monitor


On December 9, 2002 The Christian Science Monitor printed an editorial by Alexander Kronemer that stated, "Pat Robertson has taken issue with the president, after Mr. Bush recently reaffirmed his belief that Islam is a peaceful religion that has a welcomed place among the other faiths practiced in America... In rejecting the president's words, Pat Robertson and other Christian leaders once again are asserting that Muslims are dangerous, Islam is fundamentally warlike, and that Muhammad was primarily a military leader... These assertions, of course, tap into the fears of many Americans. As one of the coproducers of a new PBS documentary airing on Dec. 18 titled, 'Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet,' I have become well acquainted with the story of Muhammad and believe that the program will shed light on a debate that is currently generating only heat... The idea that there must be something in Islam that nourishes the kind of violence seen on Sept. 11 certainly is understandable... But it should be remembered that no religion is inherently violent, or for that matter, inherently peaceful. Not Islam, not even Christianity."