MPAC Releases Survey of Muslim American Youth

November 30, 2005

Source: Muslim Public Affairs Council

On November 30, 2005 the Muslim Public Affairs Council reported, "In simultaneous press conferences held this morning in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, the Muslim Public Affairs Council unveiled results from a groundbreaking poll of young American Muslims. Among the primary findings of the poll is that more than half (54%) of American Muslims between the ages of 14-26 feel no conflict between their Muslim identity and their American identity... The poll, which gathered the views of 200 young American Muslims attending the 42nd annual ISNA Convention in September 2005, focused on three areas: (1) Islamic education, (2) identity, and (3) civic participation... American Muslims account for six to eight million of the American population. Nearly 40% of American Muslims are under the age of 29, according to an April 2002 Cornell University study. Within these parameters, it is projected that there are 2.4 to 3.2 million American Muslims below the age of 29." Full survey results and the executive summary are available in PDF format on the MPAC website.