Mourning over Slain Woman Brings Internal Culture Clash

October 30, 2006

Author: Lisa Fernandez

Source: Oakland Tribune, the/MediaNews

The outpouring of support for the family of a Fremont mother gunned down earlier this month has fueled a clash of hurt feelings and misunderstandings: A group of elders from the Afghan community say the family should reject outsiders' help.

On Thursday, the men sent a delegation to the home of Alia Ansari to express their concern that her husband was hosting a memorial service Friday in Fremont's Central Park.

Ahmad Ansari and his family have warmly accepted the help, from money to calls for women of all faiths to wear the traditional hijab scarf to work.

"I think what those elders are saying is very narrow-minded," said Alia's cousin Amin Ansari, 26, of Fremont. "This is not just an Afghan thing. It's broader than that."

Alia Ansari, 38, was shot Oct. 19 while walking with her 3-year-old daughter to pick up her other children from Glenmoor Elementary School in a slaying that shocked the community.