Mosque Vandalized in Columbus, Ohio

January 15, 2002

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

On January 15, 2002 The Christian Science Monitor featured the article "Tides of support buoy a city's displaced Muslims." The article reported, "Here in Columbus, Ohio, a displaced Islamic school has found an unusual new home - a Congregational church. For the next several months, nearly 130 young Muslims will learn about the Koran and the prophet Muhammad in the same place where Christians will be taught about the gospels and Jesus as Savior. This unprecedented arrangement comes on the heels of the city's most notorious example of post-Sept. 11 bigotry." The article continued, "The outpouring also reflects what's going on in cities from Raleigh, N.C., where interfaith activists lobbied city officials to protect Muslims' civil rights, to Aurora, Colo., where members of different religions held hands and encircled a mosque to show support for Muslims."