Mosque Opens in Grand Blanc Township

May 12, 2006


On May 12, 2006 reported, "There are new signs of growing cultural diversity in Genesee County as the area's second Islamic mosque is ready to open. Genesee County has been the home of one mosque for some time near Corunna and Morrish roads. But rapid growth in the Muslim community has now created a need for a second mosque in the county. The new Grand Blanc Islamic Center just about a half mile west of Genesys Health Park on Baldwin Road is now complete. And a week from Saturday the center will open its doors for an open house to the entire community with a hope of dispelling any misconceptions about mosques and the Islamic religion. The new Islamic Center will open with about 25 families, many from the nearby hospital. Its location is important because those of the Islamic faith are called to prayer five times a day."