Montreal Mosques Attacked in Wake of Cartoon Controversy

February 9, 2006


On February 9, 2006 the Canadian Press reported, "Police are investigating acts of vandalism at two Islamic mosques north of Montreal and officers will step up vigilance in the area.

Rocks were thrown through windows earlier this week at the Islamic Cultural Centre and the Al-Hissane Islamic Centre. Police spokesman Guy Lajeunesse said Thursday the two mosques are less than a kilometre apart.

'At one of the mosques, two rocks, about the size of two baseballs, were tossed through a window which was shattered,' Lajeunesse said.

'In the second mosque, only one rock was found inside. No one tried to get inside... It was simply vandalism by someone who threw rocks to break windows,' he added.

With tensions on high around the world over cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, Laval police believe there could be a connection... Some Muslim leaders are concerned about a protest planned for Saturday in Montreal and are urging followers not to take part."