Modest "Barbie" a Hit Among Young Muslim Girls

October 8, 2003

Source: Associated Press

On October 8, 2003 Associated Press described the appeal of "Razanne", the new modestly dressed doll created by NoorArt. Inc to give Muslim American girls an alternative to Barbie. With her long-sleeved dresses, head scarf, and pre-teen figure, Razanne is providing a model many Muslim American girls feel they can relate to in their own lives. "The main message we try to put forward through the doll is that what matters is what's inside you, not how you look," said Amar Saadeh, the doll's creator. Variants on Razanne include a Teacher Razanne with a briefcase and other accessories, Praying Razanne, who comes complete with a long hijab and modest prayer gown, and In-Out Razanne, whose wardrobe includes a short, flowery dress she can wear inside the home.