Moderator of the World Conference on Religions for Peace Denounces Attacks, Offers Condolences

July 8, 2005

Original Source: World Conference of Religions for Peace Press Release

On July 8, 2005 a World Conference of Religions for Peace Press Release reported, "His Royal Highness, Prince El- Hassan bin Talal, moderator of the World Conference of Religions for Peace, the world’s largest coalition of religious leaders and their believers, denounced the reprehensible attacks in London stating, 'I strongly condemn yesterday’s violent assault on the citizens of London,' adding, 'every sincere and well-informed Muslim stands united in this condemnation'... As Moderator of Religions for Peace, which advances multi-religious cooperation, Prince Hassan called upon all religious leaders and faith communities to reject terrorism. His Royal Highness noted 'Respect for the sanctity of life is the cornerstone of all great faiths. Religious leaders across the globe must send a clear message that terrorism is anathema to every religion and must reject it. No religious tradition can tolerate such behaviour, and all must condemn it.'"