Moderate Muslim Voices Muffled by Conservative Christians

April 16, 2006

Source: Media Monitors Network

On April 16, 2006 the Media Monitors Network reported, "Many moderate Muslim organizations, scholars, and influential opinion leaders in the U.S. and throughout the West have loudly condemned terrorism and extremism in all their forms... Currently, all these efforts are effectively muffled by a special interest coalition, a particular trilogy of influence that finds it in their political best interest to promote an erroneous perception about Islam and moderate Muslims- often through distortion and false accusations. This trilogy is made of power-wielding Neocons and their cronies who, as the gatekeepers of the powers that be, would alienate moderate Muslims such as singer and peace activist Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) and Professor Tariq Ramadan, bulwark any contacts between moderate organizations such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the administration, and implicate, and thus put them out of commission, almost all Muslim relief and charitable organizations. The second component is the evangelical Christian group commonly referred to as the 'Patriot Pastors.' These are super-wealthy charismatic ministers such as Rev. Pat Robertson, Franklin Graham, Jerry Falwell, and Rod Parsley who mesmerize their memberships with selective moral rectitude and provoke them with Islamophobic rhetoric... The third component is the jingoistic wing of the media who staunchly sensationalizes and routinely recycles what could only be described as Goebbelian 'truth' about moderate Muslims. They insist on collective culpability on any and all wrongs committed by a Muslim... Reconciliation between Islam and the West is practically impossible without the spiritual and intellectual influence of the moderate Muslims- something that may never come to fruition so long as the said trilogy continues to sabotage such effort."