Mixed-Gender Prayers at the Islamic Center on Embassy Row

April 8, 2005

Source: The Washington Times


On April 8, 2005 The Washington Times reported, "two women -- one of them a veteran campaigner and the other a novice -- prayed beside men Friday in Washington's Islamic Center, the hub of America's Muslim community... Rahat Khan, [a tax accountant from Maryland], new in this campaign for demanding equal rights for women inside the mosque, almost turned away from the door of the Islamic Center in Washington's diplomatic enclave. 'I told Asra I may not go in but I did,' she said, referring to Asra Nomani, the woman who started the campaign about three years ago from a mosque in Morgantown, W. Va... Nomani, a former Wall Street Journal reporter and the author of a book on Muslim women, is now a veteran. Besides praying in the same hall as men at various mosques, Nomani also participated in the first-ever woman-led prayers in New York and Boston last month."