Missouri House Votes to Allow Headscarves in the Schools

March 10, 2004

Source: The Kansas City Star


On March 10, 2004 The Kansas City Star reported, "Trying to ensure that controversy in France would not also come to Missouri, the state House voted Wednesday to protect a student's right to wear religious symbols at school. School workers could not direct students to remove a religious symbol as long as the symbol 'is worn in a manner that does not promote disruptive behavior,'under legislation receiving initial House approval on a voice vote. The bill, which needs another vote to move to the Senate, also contains provisions allowing school districts to offer salary incentives to teachers. French President Jacques Chirac has voiced support for a bill that would ban public-school students there from wearing overt religious symbols, including the Islamic headscarf. Chirac has called it an attempt to keep Islamic fundamentalism from taking hold."