Minister Claims Orthodox Christians and Jews Reject Inclusive Approach

February 16, 2001

Source: Capital Times

On February 16, 2001, the Madison Capital Times published an article by Rev. Michael A.Schuler of the First Unitarian Society, in which he warns that, under the Bush administration, "conservative Christians [will] try to halt the current drift toward pluralism...Orthodox Christians and Jews reject a more inclusive and open-minded approach to religion because, for them, to be religious means to be sectarian as well." Schuler says that, globally, they have begun to "redouble their efforts to defend the old order," in response to humankind's shift toward tolerance of religious diversity. "According to a recent survey sponsored by the New York Times, 42 percent of all Americans and almost half of those under the age of 30 agree that 'the best religion would be one which drew from all religions.'...For 3,500 years, Hinduism has accepted religious diversity as natural and inevitable...The Chinese outlook is similar." Schuler urges all Americans to adopt the position that one's spiritual understanding is "deepened by exposure to the ideas and customs of others."