Million Family March Hits the Mall

October 13, 2000

Source: The Baltimore Sun

On October 13, 2000, The Baltimore Sun reported that "Mark Hughes was a sixth-grade teacher at Lombard Middle School in 1995, watching the Million Man March on CNN with his pupils. Hughes resolved that if a similar event were to happen, he would be there in person...'I'm looking to be inspired to action,' said Hughes, 28, who now works for a Sandtown public health agency. Hughes and several other Baltimoreans have engaged in plenty of action on behalf of the Million Family March, with a local committee meeting every Tuesday since the Million Man March. 'I really made a connection at these meetings, and it was unlike anything I've ever felt before,' Hughes said. Connection is a theme stressed by the event's organizers. Unlike the Million Man March, which focused on issues facing African- American men, the Million Family March is promoted as a gathering for all people. 'If there's one God, then we must be unified under that God,' said Minister Carlos Muhammad of the Nation of Islam at a prayer breakfast for the march yesterday in Northwest Baltimore."