Million Family March Hits the Mall

October 15, 2000

Source: The Washington Post

On October 15, 2000, The Washington Post reported that "Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan's latest fancy is the Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church, a relationship three years in the making that culminates Monday, when Farrakhan plans to perform a Moon-like blessing of 10,000 married couples during his Million Family March in Washington. The association is part of Farrakhan's effort to move his message beyond the narrow constituencies that have followed him in the past. It is an evolution that has won the man once dismissed as a racist demagogue support for his march from mainstream black organizations and others who previously have shunned him. The march, which aims to motivate people to strengthen their commitment to family, also has garnered the backing of scores of religious leaders, from Baptists to Buddhists... Farrakhan is undeniably expanding his reach. Even Democratic vice presidential nominee Joseph I. Lieberman, the first Jew on a major party's presidential ticket, has said he would like to meet with the Nation of Islam leader. 'I don't want us to get bent out of shape because a folk of another race desires to help make the Million Family March successful,' Farrakhan said in a recent speech to march organizers. 'This is a spiritual house we are building, a unique temple, the likes of which has never been built before on the capital Mall.'"