Million Family March Hits the Mall

October 15, 2000

Source: The Atlanta Journal and Constitution

On October 15, 2000, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution reported that "five years after bringing a multitude of black men to the nation's capital for a day of atonement, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has called for a million families to congregate Monday to seek spiritual strength and political empowerment. Unlike his Million Man March, which focused on African-American males, Farrakhan has urged men, women and children of all races and religions to 'rise above their symbols' and attend the Million Family March. Organizers said they expect a million families to gather between the Capitol and Lincoln Memorial for a long day of activities. District of Columbia officials said they are planning for a crowd of several hundred thousand... 'We're now on the eve of the greatest convening of our people ever,' said Benjamin Muhammad, the march director...'The Million Family March --- like the Million Man March --- will be God- centered,' said Muhammad. There will be prayers and a mass ceremony where 10,000 couples are expected to exchange marriage vows. 'The family is the basic unit of any society,' said Rep. Earl Hilliard (D- Ala.), a member of the Black Caucus. "In order to strengthen society, you must strengthen the family.'"