Militant Muslims Ban Return of Kashmiri Hindus

July 23, 2005

Source: Arab News

On July 23, 2005 Arab News reported, "Four separatist groups said yesterday they would not allow minority Hindu Pandits who had left the region some 16 years ago to return to Kashmir. Kashmir’s moderate separatist leaders and officials said this month they were making plans to help thousands of Kashmiri Pandits to return due to a peace process between India and Pakistan. 'They (Hindus) deserted the majority community during the time of crisis and indulged in anti-movement activities,' said a joint statement by the four organizations — Al-Nasireen, Al-Arifeen, Save Kashmir Movement and Farzandan-e-Millat. 'They will not be allowed to return unless they apologize and offer penance for their acts,' said the statement faxed to media organizations. The four groups have claimed a series of attacks across the region over the past few years."