Michigan Hindus Pray for Peace in India and Middle East

July 20, 2006

Source: WLNS


On July 20, 2006 WLNS reported, "The violence in the Middle East and India has one local community praying for peace. On a quiet mid-Michigan Sunday, members of Haslett's Hindu Temple raised their voices, their hearts and their prayers in hopes of ending violence on the other side of the world. Jai Jaglan, organized prayer service: 'For world peace, for those people who died in India, as well as in Lebanon and Israel.' Temple leaders say members have expressed concerns in the wake of recent bombings in India, as well as the escalating conflict in the Middle East. Sunday's service gives them the chance to voice those fears and take action. Saroj Kapur, temple member: 'I just wish someone would stand up and say, hey we have examples of achieving peace, just sit down across the table and talk.' Leela Mohan, temple member: 'You hear a lot about the power of prayer, sending peaceful thoughts in the direction that it is needed, and radiating that positive energy.'"