In Michigan, Crestwood School District Will Decide if Eid Will be School Holilday

November 10, 2003

Source: Detroit Free Press

On November 10, 2003 Detroit Free Press reported that "The room was divided. On the left side of the Crestwood High School library sat mostly Arab Americans. On the right sat mostly parents of European descent. For hourslast week, they tussled at a public meeting over whether to make Eid -- the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan -- a school holiday. Tonight, the school board of the Crestwood School District in Dearborn Heights could vote on whether to give students the day off. If it does, Crestwood would become part of a growing number of school districts nationwide that accommodate religious needs of Muslim populations. At the same time, some parents in Dearborn Heights say their district calendar shouldn't make exceptions for Muslim holidays. In recent years, Arab Americans, mostly Muslim, have moved into Dearborn Heights from neighboring Dearborn. About a third of the district's 3,300 students are of Arab descent. "