In Michiana, the Muslim/Christian Women’s Dialogue Group Breaks Down Stereotypes

July 7, 2005

Source: Islamic Society of North America

On July 7, 2005 the Islamic Society of North America reported, "a group of Michiana Muslim and Christian women... have gathered each month [for the past year] to learn about each other's beliefs... They call themselves the Muslim/Christian Women's Dialogue Group... About 30 women from the mosque at the Islamic Society, Little Flower and a few other churches participate in the group. Whether only five make it to the meeting, or all 30, smiles and comments about how similar the two religions are are ubiquitous. The group was born when Weissert, a member of Little Flower who has been involved in interfaith work and social justice locally since the 1950s, realized she didn't know any Muslim women. And she wanted to change that."