Methodist Builds Buddhist Temple Replica in Honor of All Faiths

April 24, 2004

Source: The Daily Press,0,1574966.story?coll=dp-news-local-final

On April 24, 2004 The Daily Press reported, "People wonder what that blue thing with all the wooden scaffolding is in Samuel Glasscock's Chuckatuck back yard. 'Some of them come right out and ask me,' said Glasscock, the 72-year-old chairman of the board of the Louise Obici Hospital and a former state delegate. 'So I tell them.' It's a tarp covering his replica of a Buddhist temple. A lifelong Methodist, Glasscock began building it about two years ago as a private gesture to the beauty of Buddhist architecture and the common values of all faiths. 'We tend too often to focus on the differences between religions,' he said last April, when he was still laboring on the first of the temple's three floors, 'but when you look at the best that comes from all religions, they're saying the same thing. I think the common message is that we have some reverence for the divinity, however one describes that, and that we have some love for creation, which covers so many things.'"