Members of Destroyed Mosque Start Anew

December 10, 2008

Author: Staff Writer

Source: WKRN

Ten months after a Maury County mosque was destroyed in a hate crime, members have a new building to worship in.

For days after the mosque was defamed and set ablaze, Daoud Abudiab and other members picked through the charred rubble, hoping to save what few items were still recognizable.

"Unfortunately, we were not able to salvage any of that," he told News 2.

They bought a new building in July, but it needed a lot of work and $45,000 in donations was spent on much needed renovations.

"It's a good thing that we have been busy trying to get [the new] place renovated and ready and I think it took our mind off what happened," Abudiab continued.

He said although months have passed, he can't help but drive by the old lot where 10 years of worship burned to the ground in a thoughtless act of hate.