Media Promoting Xenophobia and Religious Intolerance

March 29, 2004

Source: The Moscow Times


On March 29, 2004 The Moscow Times ran an Associated Press article that reported, "National newspapers and magazines are one of the factors behind growing racial and religious intolerance and xenophobia, according to a new study. A nearly two-year monitoring of about a dozen nationwide publications, conducted under the auspices of the Union of Russian Journalists, indicated that the main newspapers were promoting fear and hatred toward the mostly Islamic peoples of the Caucasus region, said Suliyeta Kusova-Chukho, president of the Association on Ethnic Problems, who conducted the study. Kusova-Chukho said the overwhelming majority of the publications surveyed were breeding racism and xenophobia. While some contained openly nationalistic and racist rhetoric, others were more subtle, using provocative language or providing misleading factual information 'to form the image of Caucasus natives and Muslims as carriers of aggression and potentially capable of blowing up anything around himself,' she said."