McMaster University to Get Vegetarian/Vegan Cafeteria

February 11, 2004

Source: The Hamilton Spectator

On February 11, 2004 The Hamilton Spectator reported, "McMaster University campus should have a cafeteria where vegans and vegetarians will be able to dine by the fall of 2004. The idea for the cafeteria was first promoted by Aaron Orkin, a third-year arts and science student, who along with a friend, wanted to open a kitchen where Jewish, Hindu and Muslim students could have a place to eat where their dietary needs would be served. Orkin says, 'The cafe is not just another option for lunch but a welcoming open space where cultural and religious festivities could be held, where students from different backgrounds could sit and talk, where the menu is another symbol of tolerance and understanding.' The University's administration has agreed to the idea and has offered the student's involved a space known as the RAT, a campus bar that was closed two years ago, but the space has the necessary kitchen, serving areas and refrigeration facilities."