Many Songs, One Symphony: Interfaith Harmony Day Celebrates Diversity

January 23, 2009

Author: Bettina Lehovec

Source: The Morning News

The Islamic call to prayer echoed through the parish hall of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Fayetteville.

People attending the first Interfaith Harmony Day on Jan. 17 stopped to listen. Several closed their eyes, absorbing the sense of sacredness they heard.

"It's somebody praying to God," said Elena Froelich, a member of the Baha'i faith. "Other people can identify, even if they have different beliefs and backgrounds."

Representatives of about 15 faith groups shared prayers, stories, music and food at the event. The purpose was not to proselytize but to celebrate the diversity of spiritual expression, said Chava Schacter, the event's coordinator.

"Too many wars are caused by religious people, because they don't understand each other, don't appreciate each other," she said. "This is our little bit of world peace."