Many Indian American Weddings in Tri-State Area

August 25, 2002

Source: Newsday

On August 25, 2002 Newsday reported how "as the children of Indian immigrants have come of age, wedding fever has reached a high pitch. On some weekends there are no fewer than 20 Indian weddings in the tri-state area [New York, New Jersey and Connecticut], with wedding planners scurrying from event to event. In the home country it's often an elaborate 10-day celebration with unending rounds of parties, rituals and [revelry], including a mehndi, or a symbolic hand-painting, party for the women and a raucous 'sangeet,' or music party, for all the guests. Now Indian-Americans are trying to recreate the same magic... Indeed, in a new country, many immigrants are mixing old traditions and creating new ones, borrowing from the mainstream culture."