Man to Perform Community Service with Arab-American Agency He Threatened

January 31, 2002

Source: The Detroit Free Press

On January 31, 2002, The Detroit Free Press reported "E-mail threats lead to lesson." It noted, "A California man who sent hate-filled e-mail to an Arab services group in Dearborn on Sept. 11 received his sentence Wednesday: He must spend a week working with the group he targeted. ... After Snyder was charged with ethnic intimidation in October, directors at ACCESS [Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services] recommended that Snyder be asked to meet and talk with Arab Americans in Dearborn. They wanted to educate, rather than punish. The plan worked. 'They're actually an American community,' Snyder said Wednesday after talking with people at ACCESS. 'The experience has been real good. They're great.'" The article concluded, "Wayne County Prosecutor Mike Duggan said that the case 'started off as hatred and turned into an opportunity to combat ignorance and ethnic intimidation.'"