Louisville’s 10th Annual Festival of Faiths to Celebrate America’s Plurality

November 5, 2005

Source: Lexington Herald-Leader


On November 5, 2005 the Lexington Herald-Leader reported, "Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara and National Council of Churches general secretary Bob Edgar are among those coming to Louisville for its 10th annual Festival of Faiths. The eight-day festival, which unites people of all faiths, includes about a dozen events, including a community thanksgiving service and a session on 'Faith and Cooperation in a Nuclear Age' with McNamara, Edgar and arms control expert Thomas Graham Jr. Artists. Musicians and academics also participate in the activities. Sacred songs and scriptures from around the world are shared. Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews and Muslims offer prayers. Diversity is a priority... Susan Egger, co-chair of the community thanksgiving service, says youths from all the major faiths will play roles in the service, serving as acolytes, singing in the choirs, acting as greeters."