Looking for Heros in Texas

September 11, 2002

Source: The Houston Chronicle

On September 11, 2002 The Houston Chronicle printed an editorial which stated, "my heroes have become those who make meaningful public effort toward dialogue, who find strength and vitality in variations, who do not live by fear. And there seem to be more of these people visible in Texas this year, because we are desperate for them. Consider the Texas Folklife Festival in San Antonio. Lebanese dancers annually aligned with German polka bands. Why did it suddenly give us goose bumps, after 30 years of celebrations? Consider two San Antonio monthly meeting groups: Tri-Faith Dialogue, founded BEFORE 9/11, and the Palestinian-Jewish Dialogue, both started by brave women who believe respectful, communicating people will improve the world. Picture Texas Jews and Arabs gathering for potluck suppers, sharing stories and concerns. It's no longer enough to get together with our own cousins.  We need each other's cousins now."