Long Beach Police Department Takes a Proactive Approach, Organizing Interfaith Dialogue

September 2, 2006

Source: Press-Telegram


On September 2, 2006 the Press-Telegram reported, "Close to 20 area religious leaders representing the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths met earlier this week to discuss ways in which the groups can support one another and promote peace. A horrific shooting at the Jewish Federation Offices in Seattle in July that resulted in one death and five injured, as well as recent attacks at San Diego mosques, prompted leaders in the Long Beach Police Department to call the meeting, said Lt. Joe Levy. The forum was hosted by the Long Beach Police Department and sponsored by the National Conference for Community and Justice of Southern California, the South Coast Interfaith Council, the City of Long Beach Human Dignity Program and the police department, Levy said... Members of the NCCJ and police department chose about 20 leaders from among the three religious communities, but hope to invite more clergy in future sessions, Levy said. The first meeting was dedicated to establishing communication among the various faiths and working out a plan to maintain a safe community for members of all the religions. They also discussed ways to demonstrate support for one another, Levy said."