London's Chief of Police Asks Muslims to Join Force

July 15, 2005

Source: ABC News

On July 15, 2005 ABC News reported, "London's police chief on Friday appealed to Muslims to move beyond their shock over the suicide bombings that killed 54 people and join the fight against terrorism. He challenged Muslims to join the police in greater numbers. 'It is not the police, it is not the intelligence services who will defeat terrorism, it is communities who will defeat terrorism,' Metropolitan Police Commission Ian Blair told a gathering at the Minhaj-ul-Quran Mosque. 'We must seize this moment, this weekend, next week, we have to seize a moment in which the Muslim communities of Britain, helped by everybody of good will, changes from a current position of shock and disbelief into active engagement in counterterrorism.' Blair told Muslims that 'I need you.' 'We've got nearly a million Muslims in London ... I've only got 300 Muslim police officers in London. I'm afraid that's not good enough. I need your mothers and your fathers, your brothers and your sisters, your sons and your daughters.'"