In London, Woman Wearing Niqab Attacked on Bus

June 24, 2005

Source: The Muslim News

On June 24, 2005 The Muslim News reported, "A Muslim woman who claimed to have been physically attacked by two teenagers while riding a bus home from work last month, has accused the police of delaying the handling of her case. Amal Saad, 53, an assistant at Tayyibah Girls School in London who wears niqab (face-covering attire), said that she had boarded the 254 Aldgate bus on May 27, with her colleague, when two young women standing near her began calling her a 'ninja' and making 'insulting comments.' 'When I questioned them as to why they were doing that they made further comments and one of the girls kicked me several times in my chest. The other girl threw a bottle in my face. I was unable to protect myself,' she told The Muslim News, through an interpreter."