London Rabbi Wins Religion Award from U.S. Presbyterians

December 4, 2003

Source: Presbyterian News Service

On December 4, 2003 the Presbyterian News Service (Office of Communication of the Presbyterian Church-USA) released a press release stating that Professor Jonathan Sacks, London's chief rabbi, had been awarded the 2004 Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion by the University of Louisville and Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary for his book, The Dignity of Difference: How to Avoid the Clash of Civilizations. The article read, "The prestigious annual award includes a $200,000 cash prize. It is given to the originators of creative works that contribute significantly to an understanding of 'the relationship between human beings and the divine and ways in which this relationship may inspire or empower human beings to attain wholeness, integrity, or meaning, either individually or in community.' 'The Dignity of Difference is a plea — the most forceful I could make — for tolerance in an age of extremism,' says Sacks. 'I see in the rising crescendo of ethnic tensions, civilizational clashes and the use of religious justification for acts of terror, a clear and present danger to humanity.'"