In London, Police Community Engagement Program Invites Tariq Ramadan, Representatives of Diverse Faiths, for Counter-Terror Hearings

September 4, 2006

Source: eGov Monitor

On September 4, 2006 eGov Monitor reported, "'Counter-Terrorism: The London Debate' is the [Metropolitain Police Authority]'s programme of community engagement to counter terrorism. The third hearing in the programme will be held on Thursday 7 September 2006, when invited representatives from faith groups will be able to recount their experiences of terrorism and counter-terrorism to the MPA. Toby Harris, chair of the MPA panel and member with special responsibility for counter-terrorism, said... 'Our invited speakers from the Christian, Muslim and Hindu traditions preach regularly to London congregations and they all have direct experience of how their communities react to terrorism and counter-terrorism policing and cope with media and public attention. A cross-section of faiths will be represented in our invited audience... The guest panellist will be Professor Tariq Ramadan of Oxford University'... Six hearings have been organised by the MPA to give specifically invited London communities the opportunity to express their views about counter-terrorism policing to a panel of MPA members. The first hearing on Thursday 29 June 2006 enabled young Londoners to put their views to the MPA's guest, the Commissioner of the Met, Sir Ian Blair. On July 6 at the second hearing representatives from business, tourism and local government expressed their views to the MPA's guest Assistant Commissioner Steve House."