London Conference to Explore Islam in the West

May 24, 2006


On May 24, 2006 reported, "London will play host to a three-day conference to be attended by 140 Muslim academics and community leaders from 25 European countries to develop a moderate image of Islam in the West and improve integration of Muslim minorities. 'We believe that Islam can contribute in a very positive way to European society to the benefit of both Muslims and non-Muslims,' Mutlag Al-Garawi, Kuwaiti Ministry of Islamic Affairs Undersecretary, said in a statement, a copy of which was mailed to The 1st International Moderation Conference, to kick off on Friday, May 26, is sponsored by the Kuwaiti government. The three-day meeting will discuss the best ways to integrate Muslim minorities into European societies while maintaining their religious identity. Issues of cultural isolation among young people and countering radical groups among European Muslims will also top the agenda. It is also hoped that European Muslims can rediscover the important role Islam played in the world from years 800 to1600 when Islamic thought, science, architecture and civilization contributed heavily to society."