In London, City Hindus Network Launched

June 20, 2006

Source: Hindu Voice

On June 20, 2006 Hindu Voice reported, "Tuesday 6th June saw the launch event of City Hindus Network, an organisation aiming to promote networking, education and charity fundraising amongst Hindus working in 'City Jobs'. The event took place at Digress City, a London based bar-restaurant, which was packed to capacity for the entire duration of the event. Several hundred people, employed mainly in Central London and Canary Wharf, attended the event, representing a range of professions such as investment bankers, lawyers, actuaries, accountants, management consultants etc. Also speaking at the event, was Dhruv Patel, one of the founders of the Network. He explained the purpose for which City Hindus Network had been founded. Essentially, many Hindus have entered 'City Jobs' in recent years, and a network of this sort could offer numerous benefits to both individuals and the wider community. In the City, the people you know can be of enormous importance in getting the right opportunities. Hindus often suffer due to the lack of networking. He expressed his hope that the present generation of Hindus will stop living merely in the shadows of our illustrious forefathers, who he referred to as the Vedic heroes, and ourselves become world leaders and inspirers of future generations. Also, several people had criticised the City Hindus Network for its choice of name. According to the critics, 'Asian' or 'Indian' would have been a more inclusive choice. He rebutted this argument, explaining that we should not be ashamed of the term 'Hindu', and be proud of what it stands for."