Lodi's Muslim Community Divided Over Imam Accused in Terror Plot

June 26, 2005

Source: The Sacramento Bee


On June 26, 2005 The Sacramento Bee reported, "Adil Khan, 47, has helped put Lodi, a San Joaquin County city of 62,000, on the international map - not for his modern ideas or distinguished background, but because he apparently is the target of a federal terrorism investigation. Earlier this month Adil Khan and his protégé from Pakistan, Shabbir Ahmed - who also served as imam of the Lodi mosque - were jailed without bond on allegations of U.S. immigration violations, along with Adil Khan's 19-year-old son, Mohammad Hassan Adil... The imams' arrests have torn the scabs off an ugly internecine power struggle in Lodi's Pakistani Muslim community that has erupted in shoving and spitting matches and spawned rumors of links to terrorist organizations. The president of the Lodi mosque, Muhammed Shoaib, said he informed federal authorities that Adil Khan's visa had expired, and that he was falsely representing himself as the mosque's imam -a charge Adil Khan's attorney denies. What's really happening in Lodi is a matter of fierce debate. Is the city home to an al-Qaida sleeper cell, or the scene of a federal fishing expedition based on circumstantial evidence?"