In Lodi, Mayor Meets with Muslim Community to Ease Tensions

June 10, 2005

Source: Contra Costa Times

On June 10, 2005 the Contra Costa Times reported, "Federal agents continue to fan across this small rural city suddenly thrust in the spotlight of a high-profile terrorism probe, drawing sharp rebuke from some leaders of the Muslim community who say the FBI is spreading fear with aggressive tactics. Lodi Mayor John Beckman and other city officials met with representatives of the Lodi Muslim Mosque on Thursday, seeking to ease mounting tensions. 'Today, the challenge of balancing freedom and security has been brought to us on a national level,' he said. A Lodi father and son were charged this week with lying to the FBI about the son's alleged al-Qaida training in Pakistan, and three other Lodi men were detained on immigration violations. The investigation that netted the arrests and detentions extends to the Bay Area, authorities said. Agents from the FBI's San Francisco office began investigating leads from the Lodi case long before the arrests, said FBI spokeswoman LaRae Quy."