Local Wicca community ramping up to celebrate Samhian

October 11, 2019
October is a time for all sorts of fun, frivolous and frightening experiences. Chilly autumn football games, cheaply made Halloween costumes and haunted house adventures full of terrifying ghouls aid in making the 31 days of October unlike any other month of the year. As the days get closer and closer to Halloween, the anticipation can be felt through every drugstore seasonal aisle and haunted house advertisement. Halloween represents many different nuanced ideas for many different people. For some, it’s simply an excuse to dress up and be someone else, and for others it’s a good opportunity to stay in and watch some horror flicks.
For the Pagan community, Oct. 31 represents a deeply spiritual holiday that centers itself around the idea of honoring the past while looking toward the future.
Source: Local Wicca community ramping up to celebrate Samhian