Local Religious Leaders Mark the New Year at the Superdome in New Orleans

January 1, 2006

Source: Yahoo! News/The Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism


On January 1, 2006 A Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism Press Release reported, "At a symbolic site where thousands rode out Hurricane Katrina's wrath, religious leaders welcomed 2006 on New Year's morning with Louisiana Rebirth: An Interfaith Celebration to proclaim the rebirth of New Orleans and Louisiana. 'January 1st, 2006 marks a new beginning, a rebirth for our State and this great city of New Orleans,' said Louisiana Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu. 'This is a celebration like no other in history, as it follows four months after being struck by the worst natural disaster in our nation's history. In this truly symbolic gesture of faith and hope we want to recognize this American Tragedy, with a truly American response and thank those whose compassion, support and spirits have lifted our hearts during this tough time,' continued Landrieu. The four months preceding New Year's Day 2006 have defied human dignity, the spirit of a community and the will of a nation. The special service, inspired by faith, celebrated the enduring strength of those dedicated to the rebirth of Louisiana... The hour-long commemoration was highlighted by well known gospel and spiritual hymns, and the presence of well known local faith leaders."