Local Muslim Group Hopes to Form a United Front

April 30, 2010

Author: Helen T. Gray

Source: The Kansas City Star


Whenever there has been a crisis in the world, from 9/11 to events in the Middle East, no one group in the metro area has been able to speak for the local Muslim community.

The newly formed Midland Islamic Council wants to change that. And it also has other ambitious goals, such as unifying the various Muslim groups in the area.

“Most of us came from different countries, traditions and cultures,” said Shakil Haider, chairman of the council. “When we came here, we settled in different areas.”

Islamic centers and mosques were formed to meet religious, social and education needs. Haider estimates the area’s Muslim population at more than 25,000, including 5,000 Somalis.

“Immigrant Muslims are mostly in suburban areas, and African-American Muslims, mostly in Kansas City, and they conduct activities mainly in their own areas,” he said.