Local Leaders With Ties to Gaza React to Conflict

January 4, 2009

Author: Mary Taing

Source: ABC News


The violence continues tonight in Gaza.

It’s the eighth day of fighting and Israeli troops are advancing deeper into Gaza City, trying to gain more ground control in the area they say Hamas used to fire rockets into Israel.

More than 500 people have been killed in the crossfire, leaving thousands more desperate for food, water, and aid.

The Israeli and Palestinian violence has led to dozens of protests around the world, from neighboring countries to Minnesota.

Families from both sides are expressing anger and are calling for peace.

Members of the Muslim Community gathered in Rochester Sunday afternoon to express their anger over the violence in Gaza.

"We are not happy. We will stand against any killing of any innocent person from both sides," said Hisham Quandeem.

Quandeem has family in the region, and says the killing needs to stop.

"We, as Muslims, here living in the U.S., we are both ready to take any action to help this humanitarian cause," said Quandeem.