Local Hindu Leader Makes News Across the World

April 21, 2007

Author: Kristin Larsen

Source: Reno Gazette Journal


Rajan Zed has accomplished something not even the Hindu religious leaders in India have been able to accomplish.

He read an ancient Hindu prayer in Sanskrit to a local government.

Zed, a Hindu chaplain, the director of public affairs of Hindu Temple of Northern Nevada and spokesman for India Association of Northern Nevada read an opening prayer to the Nevada State Assembly on March 19 and will pray again on May 7 with the Nevada State Senate. When Zed read from the Rig-Veda, it was covered by major newspapers in India, international broadcaster Voice of America and numerous other American publications.

This event was a shock to many living in India because their government is secular and doesn't allow prayer.

In India, a land where Western influence is common and youth watch MTV-India, his prayer reading prompted the joke that Hinduism in politics might also come from the West.