Leicester Hospitals Consider Removing Bibles Citing Health Risks, Religious Pluralism

June 3, 2005

Source: BBC News


On June 3, 2005 BBC News reported, "Hospitals in Leicester have denied they are preparing to remove copies of the Bible from their wards. NHS trust spokesperson Anne McGregor said they were considering where to store the books and would consult staff on the possible risk of MRSA infection. But Gideons International, which distributes Bibles, said claims of a possible health risk were 'nonsense.' Ms McGregor denied reports that the move was prompted by concerns the Bibles might offend non-Christians. She said: 'We are looking at safer storage of religious materials, but we want to accommodate all types of religions material on the wards.' The Bibles might be removed from lockers but they would be available elsewhere, she said. 'We are taking advice from our infection control teams - and our service equality panel - to see how we can best make religious material available.'"