Learning Hindu Scriptures the Fun Way in US

July 20, 2008

Author: Hiral Dholakia-Dave

Source: The Times of India


This summer young Gujarati teenagers across the US are getting a better understanding of ancient Hindu scriptures such as Bhagwad Gita, Vedas, Ramayan and Mahabharat. Regional kishore conventions organized by BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha are a huge draw with youngsters who not only learn about the values contained in these scriptures but also how the morals of the scriptures apply directly to their lives. This is by participating in sessions conducted by humorous emcees, kishore/kishori personal true stories, video presentations, interactive activities with the audience and other activities.

The teenagers, kishore and kishori as they are called, attend a total of eight classroom sessions taught by saints and elder youth presenters. The topics covered include the importance of observing one's dharma – ethical code of conduct – with regards to one's parents, elders, siblings and peers as taught in the Ramayan, the hurdles that come with ego and jealousy as taught in the Mahabharat, among others. Besides, everyone also attend a class on 'Frequently Asked Questions' on Hinduism.