Leaders of Ecumenical Think Tank Retire

May 22, 2004

Source: The Star Tribune


On May 22, 2004 The Star Tribune reported, "After decades of service to the Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research, a Christian theological think tank better known nationally than locally, Patrick Henry and Sister Dolores Schuh are retiring. They take with them a bounty of institutional memory and ideas about the ecumenical movement. Schuh, 71, has been with the institute since 1974; Henry, 65, has been director since 1984. The institute houses academics who stay for either a semester or a year. The more than 400 people who have come over the years, about a dozen a year, live and work in the small apartments on the grounds and meet regularly. They come mostly to hone their own theological voices, but in the process they learn about other Christian traditions.The institute also has been a seed bed of some of the most dramatic and influential Christian research of the past 36 years." The article contains an interview with Schuh and Henry on the success of the ecumenical movement in America.